• Status: Closed

  • Key features: This CDE themed competition seeks research proposals for innovative approaches to improve the way humans interact with data to allow them to understand what’s going on in cyberspace.

  • Programme: SBRI

  • Award: Up to £500,000

  • Opens: 18 Jun 2015, 00:00

  • Registration closes: No deadline

  • Closes: 03 Sep 2015, 17:00

  • Support phone number: 01235 438 445

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Understand and interact with cyberspace


Ministry of Defence logo£500,000 of funding is available for this Phase 1 competition.
The Ministry of Defence's (MOD) Centre for Defence Enterprise (CDE) proves the value of novel, high-risk, high-potential-benefit research sourced from the broadest possible range of science and technology providers, including academia and small companies, to enable development of cost-effective capability advantage for UK Armed Forces and national security. 
This themed CDE competition seeks innovative approaches to improve the way humans interact with data to allow them to understand what's going on in cyberspace. MOD's challenge is the need to predict and understand events in cyberspace and their impact in the real world.
Current government information processing and sense-making is a human-intensive process with a high cognitive burden. It doesn't easily scale with the expected increase in data volume. Although ‘big data' techniques can be used to help analyse huge data sets, the traditional human-computer interface can severely limit analysis throughout.
Areas of particular interest include:
  • visualising data in cyberspace including physical/virtual data manipulation and augmented reality
  • user interfaces and user-centred design
  • complimentary cognitive processes to help decision making
  • understanding how the above techniques and processes can increase the speed of operations, assess evolving risk and opportunities for mitigation, and optimise cyber response actions
This competition will be briefed at our CDE Innovation Network event on 9 July 2015 in London and at a webinar on 16 July 2015
This competition closes on Thursday 3 September 2015 at 5pm. Proposals must be submitted through the CDE online portal.

Application Process and supporting downloads

This competition is run by the Centre for Defence Enterprise. 
Open Date: 18 June, 2015
Close Date:  3 September, 2015
Contracts awarded: TBC
Call: 01235 438 445