SBRI for government

When a government department or other public sector body faces entractable challenges for which no solution exists today or the current solutions are substantially inadequate it needs a way to engage with new ideas and new suppliers. SBRI provides the mechanism to achieve this.
SBRI is a quick, simple and well-established process that enables the development of innovative products and services in response to challenges faced by government departments and public sector bodies. It leads to better public services and economic development. 
The SBRI process helps the public sector tap into new ideas and technologies that would not be available to them through normal channels and speeds up the adoption of new technology. New ideas can be explored as the risk is managed through a phased development programme running a portfolio of the most promising projects.
Through SBRI, government departments and agencies get input from a wide range of business sectors, many of which would have been previously unknown to them. They act as lead customer, managing the contracts to get early access to new technologies and shape the solutions in line with their particular needs. 
The benefits are felt on both sides. Finding a solution to a particular challenge leads to public sector gains, with improvements in efficiency and effectiveness. The successful business partners get finance to develop their innovative ideas. Together they generate growth.
Since April 2009, more than 40 public sector bodies have benefited from using SBRI, engaging with new suppliers and finding innovative novel solutions to challenges they faced.

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